Paperless onboarding and e-signatures

Apprenticeship Pro contains a wide variety of electronic onboarding forms allowing your organisation to get rid of the need for traditional paper based sign up packs. The platform also contains the facility to create and store digital signatures which can be signed on screen or sent to a secure user account if they are not present, or for signing at a later date.

Integrated English and Maths

Apprenticeship Pro contains an inbuilt online English and Maths offer. This includes initial and diagnostics assessments in English and Maths followed by a library of resources to underpin the delivery of those qualifications. Once a learner has completed their diagnostics the platform will automatically allocate resources to the learner which a tutor is able to accept or override using the inbuilt learning plan editor.

Learner Management System (LMS)

Apprenticeship Pro includes a full Learner Management System (LMS) which includes full functionality for funding returns as well as provide vital management information and interactive reporting to monitor the progress of your learners. The LMS streamlines the day to day administration associated with delivering funding training whilst providing rich and intuitive dashboards for all users allowing them to quickly access key KPIs. Apprenticeship Pro is a truly end to end solution from ILPs to Learner Reviews and Progress to ILR and Funding claims.

ILR Funding and Success Rates

A batch file upload system is built into Apprenticeship Pro allowing you to generate the necessary ILR files required to submit to the ESFA Hub on a monthly basis. The system can also calculate success rates and track MSP (Minimum Standards of Performance). Using the RAG rating system, Apprenticeship Pro can also predict the likelihood of success rates/MSP being achieved in any given funding year.

VLE and Course Authoring

Apprenticeship Pro is pre-populated with over 800 short courses which support off-the-job training requirements and CPD to evidence stretch and challenge, all of which are mapped to standards. The learner will benefit from the interactive nature of the design features including videos and other media, self-assessment delivered through quizzes, drag and drop. You can create your own courses within the system with the in-built Rapid Authoring Tool which allows you to respond to your customer’s specific requirements using the same interactive features.

Learner Progression Tracking and e-portfolio

From the initial assessment through the automated skills checker through to gateway, Apprenticeship Pro tracks, records and monitors all activity of the learner’s progress through the embedded e-portfolio. Mapped to qualifications and/or standards, the checkpoint system ensures that all details of learner activity is available for you and your customer base. Offthe- job training content, resources and digital recording documents ensure that you can keep track of learning to meet regulatory requirements. The risk review section allows users to track whether learners are likely to achieve and monitor RAG ratings. Dashboards give users a visual representation of key information to help them manage their caseloads

EPA Assessment Guidance, Practice Papers and Delivery Plans

EPA readiness is at the heart of Apprenticeship Pro. The system contains guidance documents from leading EPAOs relating to all aspects of the assessment process. This includes assessment plans relating to specific standards, specifications relating to tests and the submission of written work, assessment dependencies, grading criteria and practice papers. Ensure that your learners are ready for the gateway submission and know what to expect from the final stage of their apprenticeship journey.